Past Challenges

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Reaching outside our echo chamber

How can we support key influencers to become role models for sustainable lifestyles?
Eradicating event waste

Eradicating event waste

How can we dispose of the ‘disposable mindset’ at festivals?
Dynamic food procurement

Dynamic food procurement

How can we shorten and improve the transparency of supply chains used by public sector anchor institution food procurers in the UK?
Seed Sovereignty

Seed Sovereignty

How can we support adaptation and resilience in our seed system?

A Life on our Planet: if everyone watched it, would we have a chance of a better future?

Do you agree with this statement? Can you think of a way to inspire many more people to watch it? We want to fund projects which can bring this film to huge numbers of people.…
Passionate about a re-wear revolution?

Passionate about a re-wear revolution?

We’re looking for an advocate of slow fashion who’d like to establish and run a carbon-negative surf-wear shop at the Sideshore centre in Exmouth. Take up our challenge here.

Want to see a re-use revolution?

Second hand bikes are a great example of an opportunity which is not yet fully exploited. Cycling is a quick and easy way to reduce a person’s carbon footprint, not to mention the obvious health…
Man with surfboard

How do we make watersports accessible to all?

We’d like to see someone working on a solution which helps those with physical impairments participate more easily in Stand Up Paddleboarding and Kitesurfing. Contact us here.
Sailing boat

Does eco-friendly sailing float your boat?

We’re seeking someone with the skill and originality to find alternatives to fossil fuel driven boats. We want to see projects investigating solar power or battery solutions for marine motors and engines. Apply here.