Application Process

We do not accept unsolicited requests for funding.

Instead, we work with trusted partners to identify initiatives that seek funding. If you strongly believe your work aligns with one of our current challenges and we are not yet in contact, drop us a short message in our contact form to introduce yourself and your work. We will be in touch to arrange a short phone call to understand the solution you are posing to one of our challenges.


Submit Your Proposal

The full Proposal is a longer piece of work in which we will ask for all the detail on how you will carry out your project. You may like to design your own proposal or re-use a proposal that you have written for another funder, or if you would like some guidance, we can provide you with a template to follow.

Our team will read each proposal and consider whether they are ready to be put forward to our trustees. If we feel that specific information is missing, then we may follow up with an informal phone call to better understand your application.

Tip: We are looking for evidence you can make a demonstrable impact in your area of focus so offer detail about what the success of your project will look like, and how will you plan to measure it objectively.

Trustees Review

Successful proposals are put before the Board of Trustees each quarter for consideration. Decisions usually take between 2-4 weeks. Those which are successful will be informed via email.

Tip: Each successful project must provide an impact journey story and impact report once the project is underway.

Grant Agreement

Successful applicants will be sent a grant agreement, setting out our terms and requirements. Once the contracts are signed, the grant will be released. Please note that payment terms may vary and will be set out clearly in the grant letter.