The North-East Sustainable Food Alliance (NESFA) have been awarded funding to meet the first stage objectives of supporting UK wide implementation of Dynamic Food Procurement: establishing a regional food hub in the North East of England that is made up of existing county food networks.

To do this, NESFA will:

– Build regional momentum around Dynamic Food Procurement: Bringing together stakeholders from across the North-East including both regional meetings, and 1-1 meetings with individual anchor institutions to raise awareness of and advocate for dynamic food procurement, highlighting the benefits it provides and the alignment to local authority and anchor institutions strategic priorities.

– Collect data to identify opportunities for impact: Collating information about existing anchor institutions frameworks and gathering and quantifying data from existing local procurement contracts.

– Identifying or forming a Buying Organisation: Creating a hub for Dynamic Food Procurement for the North-East.

– Securing local anchor institution buy-in: Establishing which anchor institutions have the passion and time, resources and funding to lead or support delivery of a dynamic food procurement system.

About The North-East Sustainable Food Allianc

NESFA exists as an informal alliance between the three founding sustainable food partnerships in the North-East region: Newcastle, Middlesbrough and County Durham. These three food partnerships each have existing relationships with a range of anchor institutions (local authorities, universities, colleges and hospitals) and procurement professionals.