Second Wave was offered a grant from The Dixon Foundation, following Jenna Haws’ (owner of Second Wave) thoughtful and well-planned response to our challenge for a passionate individual or a group to establish and run a slow fashion surf wear store at Sideshore in Exmouth.

With Jenna having launched Second Wave in June 2021, she is now working closely with The Dixon Foundation to help spread the word about the impact of the garment industry and demonstrate how easy it is to buy more sustainably.

 “It’s really important to me that people embrace preloved items instead of them ending up in landfill. We want to provide customers with great quality items, whilst also extending the life cycle of each garment.  Our long-term plan is to provide customers with tangible evidence of the difference they make by shopping second hand instead of buying new, by sharing details of the positive impact each purchase makes in terms of saving water or reducing their carbon footprint.” Jenna Haws, owner of Second Wave Clothing.


About Second Wave

Second Wave Clothing resell quality surf clothing, accessories and watersports equipment. It is part of the quickly growing slow fashion movement, a sustainable approach to considering the processes and resources of a garment and extending the life cycle to avoid waste to landfill.