The Dixon Foundation was thrilled to offer OWNI an investment in line with our regenerative principles during their first round of fundraising in order to launch its white label resale service for sustainable fashion brands. Since the launch, OWNI has been focused on raising the profile of second-hand shopping and developing effortless resale which replicates the traditional retail experience.

OWNI has already launched resale platforms for Sancho’s, Birdsong and 69b B Boutique, and will be launching Immaculate Vegan, Komodo and People Tree resale platforms this summer. They are also busily designing a mobile app to enhance the brand and consumer experience, which will be launched later this year.


About OWNI

OWNI is a SaaS resale platform that enables fashion and lifestyle brands to enter the secondary market and manage their product’s lifespan. These bands are facing increasing competition from products they have already sold. With OWNI, they can mitigate this risk by managing the secondary market of the products they sell, earning them repeat revenue on the same item of clothing and optimising their post-purchase impact.