In 2021, The Dixon Foundation funded Grow Yourself CIC to set up the pilot of the Community Tree Nursery (CTN) Project in collaboration with More Trees BANES. Following the success of the pilot, More Trees BANES are now leading on scaling the project further to create a network of community tree nurseries, with a permanent central “Hub” to serve them, across Bath and Northeast Somerset. Once established, there is strong potential for this model to be repeated in other parts of the UK.

Over the next 3 years, More Trees BANES aims to:

– Nurture and develop their existing network: support and develop their community tree nurseries with the aim that they become as independent and self-sufficient as possible.

– Establish 25 new tree nurseries: expand the number of nurseries across the BANES area and in a variety of different settings, from Parish Councils, local farmers and social housing providers to school tree nurseries in areas of multiple deprivation.

– Establish a new Central Tree Nursery “Hub”: a central location for the project and provide a suitable venue for volunteers, practical training and work experience in all aspects of tree growing and after care.

– Facilitate the planting of 20,000 trees: plant trees with their partners, providing advice, community consultation and after care to support good survival rates.

– Education Project: work with Forest School qualified teachers to develop a simple programme for schools that host tree nurseries, to involve seed collecting, sowing and growing.

– Training and work experience: work in partnership with local organisations to provide work experience and training in tree growing and after care.

– Obtain “Plant Healthy” and/or Forest Reproductive Material Registration: sell trees, ensuring they do not contribute to the spread of unwanted diseases.

 – Support the planting of the “right trees in the right place”: develop their network of local landowners and community organisations who will receive their trees

– Pilot a Community Fruit Tree Growing Initiative: grow fruit trees using local scion wood to supply local community growing projects.

– Pilot a micro-nursery project: encourage and train people on how to grow trees at home/work and finding suitable homes for them.


About More Trees BANES
More Trees BANES is a registered charity (CIO) that works hard to grow, plant and care for trees locally. Their aim is to become an established and sustainable part of the circular economy in the area and to grow trees with local provenance to be planted out in the local area.