Aligning with our challenge: embedding a repair and reuse culture, The Dixon Foundation were delighted to partner with Re-Action Collective and support their Repair Network Project.  Re-Action Collective is a not-for-profit network of organisations with a shared mission to keep outdoor kit out of landfill and in action.

Re-Action is a social enterprise which helps their member organisations save resources, reduce waste and cut carbon emissions.  They do this by sharing best practice on rescuing products, reviving them through repair and repurposing them.  Re-Action also advise on the best ways to redistribute items through resale, rental and donation and how to reallocate profits to regenerate the outdoors.

About the Repair Network Project

It is all about establishing and scaling a repair network for outdoor activities, empowering individuals to take charge of fixing their belongings.  They aim to achieve this by providing access to materials in small quantities – currently it’s difficult to buy waterproof patches, buckles, wetsuit material, and waterproof tape at an affordable price, access to the right materials – that are not always easy to find, and easy to follow content to make successful repairs – provide the know-how for people to make repairs themselves, at home.

The project will not only removes barriers to repair but also encourages sustainable practices and fosters a culture of resourcefulness.