Football players are some of the most followed and influential individuals in the world. FFF provides a platform to support footballers who want to use their platforms to raise awareness about climate change and inspire sustainable action, which makes them a great fit for The Dixon Foundation’s ‘Reaching Outside Our Echo Chamber’ challenge.

FFF provide the climate communication expertise and cultural understanding of football to provide the perfect partner for football players who want to talk about climate with confidence by:

– Providing climate education resources,

– Providing climate communication training.

– Working on climate awareness messaging campaigns.

– Offering climate communication support to engage their friends, followers and families in the conversation.

– Offering support to develop bespoke climate action projects.

“FFF are very excited to partner with The Dixon foundation to accelerate our Climate Champions programme. A FFF Climate Champion is a footballer who uses their platform to raise awareness about climate change, and inspire sustainable action. This project is an exciting opportunity to activate and support some new – and incredibly influential – voices in the climate conversation to break the climate echo-chamber and redefine what it means to be someone who cares about the planet.” – FFF founder & co-director, Elliot Arthur-Worsop.


Football For Future

Football For Future (FFF) is a not-for-profit organisation building a more environmentally sustainable culture in football. It raises awareness of the relationship between football and climate change, and supporting the football industry to become more environmentally sustainable.