Celebrities have arguably the biggest potential to influence and shape our behaviour for good, but until now, this has been relatively untapped. The Dixon Foundation is pleased to award Creatures United a grant to rise to our ‘Reaching Outside Our Echo Chamber’ challenge and fill this untapped potential without compromising the global reputation celebrities have carefully developed.

Using data, science and technology, Creatures United has been designing and digitalising animals, creepy crawlies and sea creatures and has endless plans to use its animated army to engage the public, including:

Building one of the most accessible databases that has ever existed on species extinction, with over 33,000 species currently featured;

Featuring their creatures on in-person panel discussions, voiced over by A-List celebrities, scientists, storytellers, etc.;

Informing and inspiring greener behaviours and lifestyles by fuelling daily conversations and campaigns driving engagement through positive hopeful content;

Using mass communications fundraising to directly support the last remaining habitats of important species at risk of extinction; and

Bringing together collective voices to shape the international policy agenda and drive change at scale.


About Creature United

Creatures United is creating a mass movement of animated, talking animals voiced by some of the world’s best-loved celebrities whose combined reach is in the billions. These unique characters can fuel daily conversations and campaigns that enable fundraising at scale, driving engagement through positive hopeful content, inspiring people to act.