The Dixon Foundation was excited to partner with Coral Maker and support them in their next phase of works in the development of an innovative solution to speed up coral restoration.  Coral Maker aligns with our ocean conservation and restoration challenge due to their commitment to scaling up the protection of our planet’s coral reefs.

Coral Maker aim to achieve this by bringing together ocean conservation expertise and tech industry robotics to streamline and automate the coral propagation and redeployment process.  They have been busy lab testing the robotics, refining the manufacture of their stone skeletons for coral fragment planting, and are now ready for field trials.

About Coral Maker

Coral Maker is a profit-for-good business in Australia, founded by Dr Taryn Foster, with the goal to restore the world’s most biodiverse ecosystem.

The business will mass produce premade stone coral skeletons, using locally sourced aggregate and recycled stone waste, significantly reducing the number of years of coral calcification (skeletal growth) required to reach adult size. The premade skeletons are then seeded with fragments of coral. The coral propagation process is a repetitive task that is currently manual.  Coral Maker’s system automates coral propagation using robotics and artificial intelligence.  With their technology, they can scale the deployment of corals for restoration to 100X the current rates.