Aqoustics is a new partner for The Dixon Foundation and we are excited to be able to support them in their journey to connect the world of technology with the ocean conservation space and make a positive impact for the future of marine protection and biodiversity.

Aqoustics has built an AI model that can decipher marine acoustic recordings data, gathered by marine scientists, at a much faster rate. These sound recordings can identify the presence of a variety of species in a given marine area.
By scaling up this data analysis, an effective and trusted mapping of our ocean’s biodiversity can be achieved. This can support the identification of thriving habitats in need of conservation, migratory information of species, as well as areas which require protection.  Not only that but playing back, into the ocean, the recorded sounds of a healthy coral reef, can encourage growth and biodiversity reemergence on a dying reef.

Aqoustics’ Dave Erasmus spoke at the UN’s World Oceans Day event in New York which can be viewed here: